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Student Shuttle Services to Edinburgh airport

Did you know that the St Andrews University is the oldest university in Scotland and one of the highest rated ones in the United Kingdom? It is classified in the top three and is trailing behind only Oxbridge. So are you a student at St Andrews? Lucky you! Looking back at that University’s history, six of its alumni to date have received the Nobel Prize so you might just stand a good chance yourself too! But for now, being a student in the St Andrews area means… you are eligible for a discount while using our shuttle services!

Take advantage of the chance to travel in style, comfortably, safely and do it all for a lower price. We all know that until you finish your degree, every penny counts so why not start saving them on your everyday transport with our tempting pricing scheme?

If there is a route that you travel on regularly because of your current educational pursuits, you might find the possibility of purchasing a seasonal pass for our services very interesting and helpful. Building up a routine can have a very positive effect on your results and starting and ending the day with a comfy ride to and from the university or school back home, can be a big part of that.

Start saving money and time to concentrate on your grades. Choose our services and make sure you book your trip with a discount here: